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Service to society through quality technical education and competitive skilled work force.
The Institute haves a mission to contribute towards nation-building by creating superior quality of technicians & highly skilled human resource; with an objective to impart quality technical education to meet technological advances and industrial requirements metaling with national needs ( as per requisite campus selection & demands).


Making Trainees self reliable and employable by imparting skills in vocational training.
The Institute, with a vision to develope into a vibrant & Core Centre of excellence by focussing on strenuous training, research & development & consultancy; haves priorities for the upliftment of talents from down-trodden & economically poor sections of societies, obsessed to unexposure due to lack of amenities.


Top Achiever is the no. 1 Competitive Classes in Deoghar. It was established on 13 July, 2015.



Court Road, Deoghar

(+91) 9113743646

(+91) 9113743646